• Office Professional Plus (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$372.00‎
  • Office Standard (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$273.00‎
  • System Center Orchestrator Device Client ML (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$16.00‎
  • System Center Orchestrator User Client ML (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$16.00‎
  • Project Server (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$5,237.00‎
  • Windows Server Standard (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$114.00‎
  • Office Audit and Control Management Server (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$2,856.00‎
  • Windows Server External Connector License (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$1,142.00‎
  • BizTalk Server Standard (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$4,261.00‎
  • Windows Server Datacenter, 16 Core Licenses (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$5,173.00‎
  • SQL Server Standard Edition, Server/CAL Licensing (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$755.00‎
  • Azure DevOps Server (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$325.00‎
  • Windows Server Standard, 16 Core Licenses (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$898.00‎
  • Exchange Server Standard Edition (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$655.00‎
  • SharePoint Server (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$6,284.00‎
  • Windows Server Datacenter (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$647.00‎
  • Windows Server Essentials (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$421.00‎
  • Skype for Business Server (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$3,371.00‎
  • SQL Server Standard Edition, Core-Based Licensing (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$3,012.00‎
  • Exchange Server Enterprise Edition (Discounted)

    Frais administratifs:$3,745.00‎
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